Vessel Traffic Evaluation Report (VTER)

Ross Offshore is engaged in our clients’ exploration projects at an early stage by facilitating their “see to duty”. As part of the Application of Consent (AfC) process, we also provide the required input data. As the consequences of a ship collision can be extensive in terms of loss of life, environmental damage, structural damage, the ship collision risk must be identified. The assessment (VTER) shall calculate vessel collision risk frequencies and propose mitigating actions.

In cooperation with the industry and users we have developed a report with a practical approach, with adequate consideration taken in regard to risk assessment, risk control and risk reduction (ALARP). The thresholds are developed based on NCS experience and marine knowledge over decades. The report complies with the applicable governing PSA Regulations, maritime regulations and best practices.

The Ross Offshore VTER has been used as valuable input in numerous AfC towards a variety of clients, minors and majors. We see an increasing interest in the report and we have strengthened our inhouse capacity to execute studies. Feel free to contact us for a demo or to receive a quote.

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