At Moreld Ross Offshore we understand the lifecycle of an oil field – and know exactly what you need, every step of the way. We have been in your shoes.

We live to solve difficult challenges and find the best solutions tailored for you. We help you fill the gaps – and we do it fast. Our workforce is flexible and highly adaptable. Equipped with technology that enables us to deliver quality and work efficiently regardless of location.

We are proud to be competent team players. Our workforce is hard working, highly experienced within oil services AND has guaranteed experience from the NCS. We work together, across fields to ensure your success.

Moreld Ross Offshore is a part of Moreld Group, a leading industrial company within smart energy infrastructure. Moreld’s business areas range from market leading companies to niche players across the value chain. However, all elements are united by the same goal.

HSEQ & Certifications

Moreld Ross Offshore prides it’s internal HSEQ commitment and procedures. After all, we provide HSEQ services to a multitude of clients, so we really need to have our own house in order.

Ross Green Steps

We consistently work towards sustainable solutions for our clients, one step at the time.

We focus consistently on the environmental aspects of our services, and strive to reduce our environmental impact by using state-of-the-art technology and improving work processes.

Our History

Moreld Ross Offshore was established in 1997 as a consulting company in Sandefjord, Norway. Since then the company has grown to be a full competence house, and runs in-house projects on behalf of Oil & gas companies, in addition to be one of the leading providers of consultancy services.

Our values

Facts and figures