The Top 10 Skills We Look For In Our Ross Star Engineers

From day one, our team has been the heart of our success. Moreover, their representation of Moreld Ross Offshore in the field is what continues to strengthen our relationships with partners on a day-to-day basis. Which is why it is imperative to find the right teammates to join as future Ross Stars. Are you up for the challenge but wondering if you are the right fit for our team? Here is our top 10 list of skills we look for when recruiting our engineers:

1. Industry Intelligent

Are you fresh out of school? Don’t let that stop you from applying to be one of our Ross Stars! However, it is important to demonstrate how your education matches the role description for which you are applying to. We want to see how you’ve applied yourself during your studies and what internships or projects you have been a part of.
Already an industry professional? Show our team how your qualified project experience co-inlines with our current needs in the market.

2. Experienced

What types of projects have you worked on in the past? And how can you take those previous experiences with you into future situations? Clearly identify relevant examples on your CV. As our partners are nationally-based, it is also important to demonstrate your experience within the Norwegian market. Additionally, while our working language is English, being able to understand or speak Norwegian is a big advantage!

3. Reliable References

Ever wonder if your references are actually called? As we support one of the fastest moving industries in the world, we need to be prepared to provide support as soon as possible for our partners. We need to understand how you have worked on previous projects both individually as well as in groups, so that we can confidently send you out as a fundamentally engaged Moreld Ross Offshore expert. Speaking with your previous supervisors and coworkers is highly important to us, always make sure that your references are ready to be contacted.

4.Detail-Oriented and Organized

The Oil and Energy Industry demand great attention to the smallest of details. This requires our engineers to be just as organized as they are skilled in their field of expertise. And your presentation of this starts day one when we receive your CV. Is it easy to read and well-structured? Be sure we understand who you are and what your competency is at first glance.

5. Dedication to Growth (Willingness to Learn)

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” – Dr. Seuss
While we are quoting a renowned children’s author, the words still hold true throughout our entire (adult) lives. Therefore, continued education continues to be a key value promoted within Moreld Ross Offshore. It is vital to always stay aware of the latest technology developments and specialized techniques. Our Ross Star Academy provides our employees the opportunity for growth, but it takes dedication and a willingness to learn to truly be successful.

6. Ambitious Self-Starter

As we’ve mentioned, our projects move at a rapid pace. Thus, we need our Ross Stars to be confident in taking the initiative to get started. But as you take that “bull by the horns”, make sure you’re also not afraid to ask questions for improved clarification on project goals and objectives.

7.  Confident

You are the subject matter expert in what we’re interviewing you for. So, make sure you don’t hesitate to (respectfully) educate us (or future teams) more about what you know or have been trained in.

8. Innovative Thought Leader

Are you able to think outside of the box and suggest new solutions to an old problem? Let us know! Every project we work on is unique, presenting its own set of complex challenges. This is why we need engineers with creative problem solving skills and innovative solutions to be on our team.

9. Charismatic

We are a social, informal and playful organization. Thus, our team should depectic just this. We want to know both the professional and surprising sides of you. So, don’t be afraid to share your fun facts with our team when introducing yourself.

10. Team Player

Like every organization, we, first and foremost, rely on our team. Which means, above all, we take the word “team” most seriously.
Team: being able to cooperatively work with your colleagues and supervisors.
Team: successfully contributing towards one common goal.
Team: proudly representing Moreld Ross Offshore professionally within our partner organizations.
Many of our projects demand independent, skilled engineers. However, you also need to be flexible to any situation thrown your way and participate and tackle any challenge given to you. Whenever you are working with our partners, you are an extension of the Moreld Ross Offshore brand. Thus, tell us about your strengths and demonstrate both your flexibility and reliability during collaborative projects.

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Are you ready to join our team? Make sure you take our professionals tips into consideration when you submit your application!