Successful well intervention campaign on Draugen Platform

During the summer, a successful well intervention campaign has been carried out on Draugen Platform – planned by an OKEA ASA / Moreld Ross Offshore team.

X-mas Tree (XMT) on wells A4 and A6 have been replaced. In well A4, also a Coil Tubing – Gas Lift String was changed out with a new. In well A1 – a Gas Lift Valve (GLV) and a straddle with Downhole Safety Valve (DHSV) were replaced.

As a simultaneous activity (SIMOPS), an activated Kill Wing Valve (KWV) was installed on well A2. For all wells – an extended maintenance program of X-mas Tree / Wellhead was performed, and Double Block & Bleed (DB&B) system installed on annulus valves.
The operation was carried out in a safe manner – well within timeframe and without any injuries to personnel.
Incidents with only low risk potential occurred.

The project was postponed from 2020 to 2021 due to Covid-19.

A successful operation has been possible with:

  • Good planning
  • Good HSE and risk evaluations work
  • Good support from suppliers and relevant OKEA departments
  • Good interface and clarification work between different vendors
  • Good logistics planning and solutions

Vendors who have participated in the operation are:
Schlumberger, Archer, Cameron, IKM, Weatherford, Halliburton, Omega, PTC, Interwell and Aker.

Observations and improvements will be included as “lessons learned” for future operations.