Reservoir Management

The Ross Reservoir Management team consists of engineers from all typical Petroleum Technical disciplines; geophysics, geology, petrophysics, reservoir engineers.

The team has extensive experience from Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) together with international experience. The team's technical experience is covered in the overview of services listed below. The services can be carried out as an integrated part of our client's team or as independent projects, e.g. shadow projects of the operator's work. 

Drainage strategy and field Development

  • Production and injection strategy
  • Reservoir characterization
  • Development solutions, with interactions  with Subsea/Facility engineers

Production Geoscience

  • Well planning
  • defining infill targets
  • Geomodeling: Generating and updating static geological models
  • Operational Geology

Model genaration and reservoir simulations

  • Generating and verifying dynamical models
  • Running drainage analysis, production forecasts and development sensitivities
  • IOR/EOR possibilities

Reserve and Resource review / audits

  • Generating, support and review of reserve and resource estimation

Enchanced recovery

  • Advisory on possibilities related to EOR

Data Management

  • Complete Data Management support for  seismic, geological and reservoir data

Unconventional Energy

  • CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage)
    Extensive experience from assesments of secure injection and storage reservoir for  CO2 through our many years experience working with Gassnova
  • Geothermal Energy
    Subsurface experience from the Danish Geothermal plants on Margretheholm and Sønderborg