The Ross Exploration team consists of geoscientists with experience from all areas of the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Lisence evaluations/applications

Ross Exploration Team has experience from the previous license rounds with all from pre-screening of  APA-licenses, area evaluation of central area in Barents Sea, farm-in screening and evaluations, and having the full responsibility of a license application. License evaluations includes prospect evaluations, with volume uncertainty analysis. 

Exploration Strategy Advisory

Advisory on Exploration Strategy, procedures of license application, government communication.

Regional mapping

Mapping of larger areas, connecting areas and licenses together for a better understanding of area. Correlating seismic data, well log data and depth conversions.

Independent Business Development projects

Ross Offshore can run larger projects, evaluating multiple regions for prospectivity, drainage solutions, farm-in possibilities and development strategy. This work will require multidisciplinary effort from explorationists, reservoir engineers, production technology and will also benefit from Ross Offshore's partners on development solutions and cost evaluations. The work can both be related to upcoming license applications but also to possible M&A (merger and acquisitions) activities. 

Exploration 3D Geological illustrations of Plays

Ross Offshore has developed a new way of visualizing paleogeological environments, using 3D-gaming platforms. Illustrations can be used as part of the creative process in the Exploration work, as a tool to visualize prospect ideas for internal/external decision makers, and directly as illustrations in applications.

Seal/fault evaluations

Evaluation of the sealing of faults and cap rocks, to understand the potential for HC leakage.

Analytical HC potential evaluation (source, migration)

Evaluation of available information on both source maturity and migration possibilities, to evaluate the Hydrocarbon potential of an area. Our understanding is that it is important to get and overview of the HC potential of an area in the early phase of the exploration work. 

CCS - storage qualification

Ross Offshore has extensive experience from CCS, especially from working with Gassnova. Ross Offshore has done extensive work both related to screening and qualifying various reservoirs for storage of CO2 and to understand and evaluate the development of CO2 , temperature and pressure in the reservoir.