Products and services within Exploration, Reservoir Management, Production technology and Aquisition & Divestment support.

Ross Subsurface services

Ross Subsurface delivers services within Exploration, Reservoir Management, Production Technology and Acquisition and Divestment activities.The Subsurface team has particularly long experience from early phase license and field evaluations; e.g. license round assessments, drainage strategy, well concept selection and production philosophy.  

Services and Products

The Subsurface services can be offered as push-the-button products (predefined products and services for efficient delivery) or tailored made services for each product and according to the requirements from each of our clients.

Push-The-Button products

The Subsurface department has a number of pre-defined studies and reports.

Effective, Start-up-Ready Projects

These evaluations are efficient deliveries, where our team is drilled in the execution and evaluation methods. The projects are offered to fixed prices and execution time, ensuring security ensuring security on cost/delivery time. A short introduction to our Push-The-Button projects are defined below. 

License Application input

Input to the license applications in accordance with standards defined by NPD.

  • Reservoir and Field Development input (1-2 months delivery)
    A report covering the topics in chapters 2.3 and 2.4 of a license application. The report includes hydrocarbon potential and recovery profiles, development solution, cost estimation and economical figures. Eclipse simulation could be included. Based on general are experience and input from client.
  • HSEQ evaluations (1 month delivery)
    A report prepared by the Ross Offshore HSEQ center, covering the health, security and environmental assessments in a license application (chapter 5) 

Exploration products

  • Analytical regional HC-potential (1 month delivery)
    An analytical review of available history and information to determine the the source and migration history of a region. The analytical approach includes technical understanding of input sources and uncertainties, to get an overall understanding of the regions HC-potential.
  • Play model illustrations (2 weeks delivery)
    A 3D model of the palegeological environment / play model for a prospect, based on interpreted data. Essential information to increase the understanding of the prospect, to ensure a good understanding in exploration team and decision makers. The model can be used as input for illustration in license application. 

Value Protection services

In a time with low oil price and marginal economy in all projects, it is important to protect your values, verify that what you or the operator is doing is optimal or to get a new set of eyes to come up with new projects.

  • Field/Production optimization (1 month delivery)
    Bring a new set of eyes to see if there are overlooked opportunities for a field's present and future production strategy. The Ross Subsurface team will review the production and plans from a field, for a verification of the production strategy and to come up with alternative options to increase production.
  • Portfolio review (1-2 month delivery)
    A review of a set of our client's assets to suggest prioritizing of the various field's technical and time critical aspects. The input can be used for internal prioritizing of work or as input on how to challenge the operator in partner discussions. 
  • Decision Gate QC (2 weeks delivery)
    A quick review of DG-reports with the main focus to define possible project risks, but also to verify the technical work.
  • Due Diligence review (2 weeks delivery)
    There are typically large values at risk in Due Diligence processes. It is worth having a 3rd party review of the essential assessments to bring more certainty to the decisions.

Reservoir Management

The Ross Reservoir Management team consists of engineers from all typical Petroleum Technical disciplines; geophysics, geology, petrophysics, reservoir engineers.

The team has extensive experience from Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS) together with international experience. The team's technical experience is covered in the overview of services listed below. The services can be carried out as an integrated part of our client's team or as independent projects, e.g. shadow projects of the operator's work. 

Drainage strategy and field Development

  • Production and injection strategy
  • Reservoir characterization
  • Development solutions, with interactions  with Subsea/Facility engineers

Production Geoscience

  • Well planning
  • defining infill targets
  • Geomodeling: Generating and updating static geological models
  • Operational Geology

Model genaration and reservoir simulations

  • Generating and verifying dynamical models
  • Running drainage analysis, production forecasts and development sensitivities
  • IOR/EOR possibilities

Reserve and Resource review / audits

  • Generating, support and review of reserve and resource estimation

Enchanced recovery

  • Advisory on possibilities related to EOR

Data Management

  • Complete Data Management support for  seismic, geological and reservoir data

Unconventional Energy

  • CCS (Carbon Capture and Storage)
    Extensive experience from assesments of secure injection and storage reservoir for  CO2 through our many years experience working with Gassnova
  • Geothermal Energy
    Subsurface experience from the Danish Geothermal plants on Margretheholm and Sønderborg


The Ross Exploration team consists of geoscientists with experience from all areas of the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Lisence evaluations/applications

Ross Exploration Team has experience from the previous license rounds with all from pre-screening of  APA-licenses, area evaluation of central area in Barents Sea, farm-in screening and evaluations, and having the full responsibility of a license application. License evaluations includes prospect evaluations, with volume uncertainty analysis. 

Exploration Strategy Advisory

Advisory on Exploration Strategy, procedures of license application, government communication.

Regional mapping

Mapping of larger areas, connecting areas and licenses together for a better understanding of area. Correlating seismic data, well log data and depth conversions.

Independent Business Development projects

Ross Offshore can run larger projects, evaluating multiple regions for prospectivity, drainage solutions, farm-in possibilities and development strategy. This work will require multidisciplinary effort from explorationists, reservoir engineers, production technology and will also benefit from Ross Offshore's partners on development solutions and cost evaluations. The work can both be related to upcoming license applications but also to possible M&A (merger and acquisitions) activities. 

Exploration 3D Geological illustrations of Plays

Ross Offshore has developed a new way of visualizing paleogeological environments, using 3D-gaming platforms. Illustrations can be used as part of the creative process in the Exploration work, as a tool to visualize prospect ideas for internal/external decision makers, and directly as illustrations in applications.

Seal/fault evaluations

Evaluation of the sealing of faults and cap rocks, to understand the potential for HC leakage.

Analytical HC potential evaluation (source, migration)

Evaluation of available information on both source maturity and migration possibilities, to evaluate the Hydrocarbon potential of an area. Our understanding is that it is important to get and overview of the HC potential of an area in the early phase of the exploration work. 

CCS - storage qualification

Ross Offshore has extensive experience from CCS, especially from working with Gassnova. Ross Offshore has done extensive work both related to screening and qualifying various reservoirs for storage of CO2 and to understand and evaluate the development of CO2 , temperature and pressure in the reservoir.

Production Technology

Our Production Technical experience is particularly strong within following a field development from early phase concepts to field start-ups.

The team has international experience from various types of fields, including experience from unconventional energy like CO2-injection and Geothermal energy wells. The Ross Offshore personnel has also experience from follow up of fields in production, including production optimization and allocation, planning and running well test campaigns, planning and follow up of well interventions. The list below describes our typical services from our Production Technologists.

Production Philosophy

Generating or reviewing the operational philosophy for a new or producing field, valid for both field start-ups and throughout the life of field.

Sand Management / Well concept / Completion

  • Evaluate near wellbore reservoir
  • Follow up of laboratory testing
  • Evaluation of well concepts (perforations, gravel pack, screens)
  • Sand/particle transportation, monitoration 

Production Chemistry

Production engineers, working together with our partners, that can evaluate challenges related to production chemical issues, like scale, corrosion, hydrates, asphaltenes, etc.

Production Support Center / The Well Doctor

Ross Offshore can provide Production Support center services, where a multidisciplinary team are ready support our clients on production related challenges. The services can also be provided as Well Doctor services, where our team reviews the production on a monthly basis and generate monthly reports with production status, observations and recommendations.

Production optimization

Follow up of producing fields to support on

  • Daily production optimization and allocation
  • Planning and evaluation of well tests
  • Well completion evaluation
  • Short term prognosis.

Acquisition and Divestments / Competent Person’s Report

Ross Offshore can support our clients in all stages of Acquisition and Divestment activities.

Our personnel have supported multiple companies in screening of opportunities, Data room support and review of evaluations. We can put together a multidisciplinary team supporting our client or doing an independent technical due diligence. Our work can be presented as a Competent Person's report, Independent Expert's report according to the required standards (SPE, NPD, PRMS, SEC).

The team consists of Geoscientists, Reservoir and Production Technologists, Drilling Engineers, Flow Assurance, Subsea and Development Engineers, Petroleum Economists.  

Opportunity Screening

A regional screening of opportunities, involving especially geological evaluations, reservoir engineers and development engineers to screen various opportunities in the early phase of an A&D progress.

Data Room support / Technical Due Diligence

A multidisciplinary team supporting our client in their Data Room activity; either with full responsibility of the work or as an integrated part of our client's team. The work can be presented as a Competent Person's Report when required.

Competent Person's Report / Independent Expert's Report

An assessment and classification of reserves and resources, discussion of risks and uncertainties related to data base and methods of judgement, and a valuation of an asset. Our experts have extensive experience for reserve and resource evaluations for both operators and licensees on NCS, and are trained in international standards.

Data Room - QC

There are typically large values at risk in Due Diligence processes. It is worth having a 3rd party review of the essential assessments to bring more certainty to the decisions. The work will focus on possible risks and uncertainties, together with an evaluation of the quality of the available data base.


Ross Offshore only uses the latest and most advanced software available.

Up to Date

Ross Offshore uses the latest software in the industry today, all of which is available on server solutions for flexible use and easy access for our professionals.

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