Operations offers services within marine management, logistics management, and HSEQ services.

Flexible Approach

We supply integrated logistics and marine services for consortiums and long-term support to oil and gas companies. Our experience and flexible approach give us an edge in the market and enable us to aid the operator's see-to-duty in this field. We work together with our clients to meet new challenges - to identify business opportunities proactively and find cost-effective solutions.

A Secure and Efficient Partner

High competence, quality and a focus on HSE are key to our success in the numerous projects delivered. All our activities are governed by ISO-certified Company Management Systems supported by detailed work processes. Operations focuses on continuous improvement through the principles of Integrated Operations (IO). We use the latest IT technology to obtain safer and more efficient operations through improved work processes.

Booking Center

Ross Operations offers a complete personnel booking process for offshore travels.

High flying

A team of coordinators is handling all the required tasks in order to have efficient personnel transfer to and from offshore installations.

Tendering & Contracts

Ross Offshore have an extensive contract portfolio for adoption or assignment to Clients.

Getting it down on paper

We adapt our deliveries to our clients' needs. Our contract team has extensive experience with ITT processes, establishing contract portfolios for drilling and well operations, assignment processes and contract management throughout the lifecycle of a contract.

Marine Operations

Ross Operations offers management of marine operations, from inception to completion.

Plain Sailing

Our dedicated professionals manage all aspects of marine operations:

  • procurement and verification
  • design basis and management of engineering
  • regulatory interfacing
  • risk management
  • offshore quality assurance

Rig Moves

Ross Operations plans and executes rig moving operations in the safest, most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. 

Steady ahead

Our team of experts handle all aspects of moving a rig on behalf of the operator. All related activities at the planning and operation stages are carried out through our certified processes. This service also includes chartering and offshore attendance.  

Cost Control

Ross Operations provides high performance deliveries for all economy-related aspects of your project.

Making Work Pay

Our project economy department ensures a good budget/AFE for your project. A dedicated cost controller will handle all economy-related activities in an accurate and timely manner.

Daily Operational Logistics Services

Ross Operations offers logistics planning and support for the duration of your project.

Day-to-Day Dealings

Our logistics management services include logistics planning and daily logistics support for any offshore project. The assigned drilling supplier provides the client with a tailor-made logistics recommendation for each well and operator. The logistics team holds a DaWinci license for helicopter booking and are professional users.

Jarle Magne Vespestad
Jarle Magne Vespestad

Jarle Magne Vespestad


Tel: +47 958 52 332
E-mail: jarle.vespestad@rossoffshore.no