Onshore / Unconventional Drilling

Ross Offshore has extensive experience from all aspects of "non-standard" drilling, completion and stimulation.

Breaking New Ground

Unconventional oil and gas is defined as "non-standard" drilling, completion and stimulation. Shale oil and gas is one type of unconventional resource that has made a global impact following the shale revolution in the USA.

Experienced Team

Ross Unconventional has wide-ranging experience from all aspects of shale O&G exploration and drilling in the USA. Our experience includes historically unconventional resources: tight chalk, carbonates and tight sands.

The integration of Copenhagen-based Ross Engineering has given us a highly competent team. Their experience with geothermal drilling in Denmark and shale gas/oil operations in the US enables us to deliver advisory services and full-scale Well Management for onshore operations.

Our team works on projects throughout Europe.