Geothermal Drilling

Ross Unconventional is a geothermal expert, committed to the growth of the sustainable energy industry.

The Heat Is On

Ross Offshore offers complete solutions for development and operation of geothermal facilities. Our services include screening and determination of resource potential, evaluation of socio-economic factors of each project, well engineering & project management, drilling management, production supervision and management.

Green Energy

Geothermal energy comes from the energy streaming from the mantle of earth. Geothermal water is a renewable energy source for production of electricity and heat. As opposed to most other sources of green energy, the potential for geothermal water can be tapped into throughout the year without interruption.

Simple, Stable and Sustainable

With a simple two-well (production and injection) design, the energy can be extracted through an exchange to produce electricity and/or heat. Geothermal energy is a stable source of energy without fluctuations, and the production can go on for years without alterations.

Dynamic Production

Geothermal energy is especially suitable to be combined with other renewables to create a scalable, multifaceted energy system. Using geothermal energy as a base load and solar-, wind- and hydro-power to provide peak load power, the system can provide electricity, heating and cooling.