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Well Management

This is what we do.

A complete delivery – From initial concept to final report. We can do that and have done so for numerous clients for over a decade. Looking for something specific? Is your organization in need of filling some gaps for your project? We can do that too. Whatever your project needs may be, most likely, we have been in your shoes before.

Diversity as a Speciality.

Our team of engineers can plan and execute both exploration, production and HTHP wells, from jack-ups, semi-submersibles or from land in the harshest of climates. Our procedures and checklist are constantly updated and reviewed to encompass the latest industry leanings, standards and regulatory requirements.

To allow you reach your goals, our ISO certified services include:

  • Engineering (drilling, completion, testing, subsea and specialist)
  • Marine Management
  • HSEQ Management
  • Applications
  • Risk Management
  • Operations Supervision
  • Logistics
  • Cost Control
  • Software and facilities
  • Company Management System.
  • Consortium Management

Can’t find what you are looking for? Why don’t you contact Jan Ivar – because like at all good restaurants; even though you can’t find it in the menu, does not mean that the chefs are incapable of helping you.

Conventional Oil & Gas. And Green Energy.

We love a challenge – but we just don’t do oil & gas. Our engineering team in Denmark have extensive experience with Geothermal wells. This experience does not limit itself to the engineering of the well itself, but also determination of resource potential, evaluation of socio-economic factors.


Jan Ivar Tistel

EVP Drilling and Well

Jan Ivar Tistel

EVP Drilling and Well