Reserve Audit and Due Diligence

Finding the correct opportunity.

Finding and betting on the correct opportunity is a task of monumental importance. A screening of opportunities, involving geological evaluations reservoir engineering,  and filed development solutions is something that we can assist with, to screen various opportunities in the early phase of an A&D progress.

Making the decision.

Need help with making an informed decision? – or just a second opinion? We have experience with all stages of Acquisition and Divestment activities, as well as presenting reports in the required standards such as SPE, NPD, PRMS and SEC.

With such high values at stake, why don’t you contact Svend Magnus to hear how he and his team can help you.

Competent Person’s Report? We are competent!

A Competent Person Report, or an assessment and classification of reserves and resources, discussion of risks and uncertainties related to data base and methods of judgement, and a valuation of an asset. Our experts have extensive experience for reserve and resource evaluations for both operators and licensees on NCS and are trained in international standards.

Svend Magnus Pettersen

VP Subsurface

Svend Magnus Pettersen

VP Subsurface