Marine & Chartering

Smooth Sailing

Our dedicated Marine team has years of experience, providing you with the necessary background and expertise to provide you with all aspects of Marine service, such as:

  • procurement and verification
  • design basis and management of engineering
  • regulatory interfacing
  • risk management
  • offshore quality assurance
  • Site Survey Management

Move the rig…

Moving drilling rigs is a large and complex task – both in size of the equipment used, amount of involved personnel and planning required. You just need to provide us with four things; what rig, from where, to where and when. We will take care of everything else.

…and everything else.

Instead of making a list of what our marine department can do you for, it is easier for us to make a list of what this department cannot do. Here it is:

  • Nothing.

So to summarize; nearly everything involving marine operations, our marine department can organize. Including fixing the optimal vessel spread.

Jarle Magne Vespestad

VP Operations

Jarle Magne Vespestad

VP Operations