Marine & Chartering

Smooth Sailing

Our dedicated Marine team has years of experience, providing you with the necessary background and expertise to provide you with all aspects of Marine service, such as:

  • Procurement and verification
  • Design basis and management of engineering
  • Regulatory interfacing
  • Risk management
  • Offshore quality assurance
  • Site Survey Management

Manage your operations…

We can take lead, plan and execute your marine projects.

Moving drilling rigs are our bread and butter. IMR and  survey Management, including seabed mapping for placement of wind turbines, are also on our menu.

A dedicated team in combination with favorable call off agreements will assure our clients successful projects.

…and everything else.

Instead of making a list of what our marine department can do you for, it is easier for us to make a list of what this department cannot do. Here it is:

  • Nothing.

So to summarize; nearly everything involving marine operations, our marine department can organize. Including fixing the optimal vessel spread.

Jarle Magne Vespestad

VP Operations

Jarle Magne Vespestad

VP Operations