Maturing CO2 storage sites

Our clients seek to lower industrial emissions whilst keeping up or increasing production. Ambitions and legally binding climate emission targets are achieved by lowering CO2-emissions. Moreld Ross Offshore has extensive experience on maturing sub-surface sites for injection and permanent storage of abated CO2.

Our engineers and sub-surface personnel have key expertise on sub-surface mapping, static and dynamic modelling (for injection and monitoring), risk and integrity assessments, pressure and fluid flow.

We work in close cooperation with our Moreld Ross Offshore colleagues on topside, well operations, network and fluid phase modelling and are eager to advice in early feasibility studies as well as towards a Final Investment Decision.

Risk assessments

Risk assessments are an integrated and executive part of our work when we describe and model a CO2 storage complex. All our work is tailored at minimizing risks.

We`ve helped clients, both on the NCS and internationally, to ensure safe storage of COsince 2010. To make sure you meet environmental and legal requirements you can also let Moreld Ross Offshore review and validate your risk assessment.”

Svend Magnus Pettersen

VP Subsurface

Svend Magnus Pettersen

VP Subsurface