Marine & Chartering

Smooth Sailing

Our dedicated Marine team has years of experience, providing you with the necessary background and expertise to provide you with all aspects of Marine service, such as:

Manage your operations…

We can take lead, plan and execute your marine projects.

Moving drilling rigs are our bread and butter. IMR and  survey Management, including seabed mapping for placement of wind turbines, are also on our menu.

A dedicated team in combination with favorable call off agreements will assure our clients successful projects.

…and everything else.

Instead of making a list of what our marine department can do you for, it is easier for us to make a list of what this department cannot do. Here it is:

So to summarize; nearly everything involving marine operations, our marine department can organize. Including fixing the optimal vessel spread.

Contracts & Logistics

Flyyy me to the… rig.

Not a lot of people knows that we can provide your operation or company with ‘round the clock manned Helicopter operations centre; handling all bookings, reports and ticketing. Logistics is not just cargo, but also people and getting the correct people on site, on time, every time, is something we take great pride in.

A lot of Hardware & Paperwork.

Drilling a well takes a lot of contracts and equipment – and circumstances change constantly. With a complete set of services Contracts for our service line is ready to be called off, we’ll always make sure that we have planned for every event, even the unforeseen ones – coordinating with vessels, contractors and suppliers. You will have a dedicated experienced coordinator making sure everything runs smoothly – so that you don’t have to.

A single Software. Always updated.

When we plan a project, we will always provide you with a written recommendation. Here you’ll find a detailed description of why and how we plan to execute you project. Everything from supply base, number of vessel, personnel and software.


Safety first. Always.

Moreld Ross Offshore has built up a HSEQ-department which assist you with all health, safety and working environment related tasks. Our services cover all parts of the value chain and include experience and knowledge related to HSEQ management, HSEQ in the planning and operational phases and general HSEQ advisory.

There is an application for everything.

We provide Authority Applications, where one of the main specialist services of our HSEQ team is to prepare Applications for Discharge (AfD) and Applications for Consent (AfC). The team has in-depth knowledge about the Norwegian Environment Agency and the Petroleum Safety Authority’s focus areas and have on behalf of several operators on the Norwegian Continental Shelf prepared successful Applications for Consents and Applications for Discharges for more than 50 wells. So we know what we are doing and will guide you and your project though challenges and acronyms.

Preparing for Audits.

Moreld Ross Offshore has a recognised Company Management System that is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. With our specialist personnel, we can assist you in building specialized company management system to suit your needs, either by building new management systems from scratch or do upgrades on already existing management systems.

Zero Discharges.

We have extensive experience with the external environment audits and assessments. We can assist you with all processes related to this and deliver services that include both environmental support during operational phase and annual environmental reporting.

Well Management

This is what we do.

A complete delivery – From initial concept to final report. We can do that and have done so for numerous clients for over a decade. Looking for something specific? Is your organization in need of filling some gaps for your project? We can do that too. Whatever your project needs may be, most likely, we have been in your shoes before.

Diversity as a Speciality.

Our team of engineers can plan and execute both exploration, production and HTHP wells, from jack-ups, semi-submersibles or from land in the harshest of climates. Our procedures and checklist are constantly updated and reviewed to encompass the latest industry leanings, standards and regulatory requirements.

To allow you reach your goals, our ISO certified services include:

Can’t find what you are looking for? Why don’t you contact Jan Ivar – because like at all good restaurants; even though you can’t find it in the menu, does not mean that the chefs are incapable of helping you.

Conventional Oil & Gas. And Green Energy.

We love a challenge – but we just don’t do oil & gas. Our engineering team in Denmark have extensive experience with Geothermal wells. This experience does not limit itself to the engineering of the well itself, but also determination of resource potential, evaluation of socio-economic factors.


Well Intervention

A little love and care.

Intervention is a very wide subject – and one that we are very versed in. From simple pumping jobs to advanced re-entries, we can provide you with the expertise needed to make your well safe and profitable again. All this without compromising on our number one criteria. Well Integrity.

Life Extension

Investing capital and time into maintenance, troubleshooting or repair of your well can be a very complex question. We can help you with your cost analysis, or do one for you. When your project has been found archivable and economically viable, we can make it all happen. Everything from planning, booking of suppliers, onsite supervision and follow-up.

Safety first. At all times.

Heavy workover and interventions might require removals of pressure barriers and wellheads. We have specific routines and procedures that is not only based on legislation, but also best practices and experience that puts safety in the driving seat. We will get to your goal, but never compromise on safety.

Well Testing

Data Quality is paramount.

In order to make informed decisions, regardless of what type of project you have – correct, quality data is key for making informed decisions. We have planned and performed everything from tool string logging to full drill stem tests for a multitude of clients, allowing them to have enough quality data to fulfil their objectives and tasks, as well as any regulatory requirements.

The search for something new …

Congratulations. You have found something interesting. I’m sure you have a lot of questions, and we’ll make sure you get all your answers in the correct order – safely and accurately. Our understanding with exploration drilling, and the experience we have in verification of any findings, will help your team make the important road ahead.

Reserve Audit and Due Diligence

Finding the correct opportunity.

Finding and betting on the correct opportunity is a task of monumental importance. A screening of opportunities, involving geological evaluations reservoir engineering,  and filed development solutions is something that we can assist with, to screen various opportunities in the early phase of an A&D progress.

Making the decision.

Need help with making an informed decision? – or just a second opinion? We have experience with all stages of Acquisition and Divestment activities, as well as presenting reports in the required standards such as SPE, NPD, PRMS and SEC.

With such high values at stake, why don’t you contact Svend Magnus to hear how he and his team can help you.

Competent Person’s Report? We are competent!

A Competent Person Report, or an assessment and classification of reserves and resources, discussion of risks and uncertainties related to data base and methods of judgement, and a valuation of an asset. Our experts have extensive experience for reserve and resource evaluations for both operators and licensees on NCS and are trained in international standards.

Reservoir and Field Development

Standardized Delivery. Although every reservoir is unique.

The subsurface department has a vast number of pre-defined studies and reports, relying on their own experience and knowledge. Some of them are designed to fit right into specific chapters of Norwegian Government Application.

Managing your reservoir

We have experts with both domestic and international reservoir experience in everyone the classic technical reservoir sciences; Geophysics, Geology, Petrophysics, reservoir engineering and production engineering. Svend Magnus and his team can help you with everything ranging from reservoir characterization to draining analysis and injection strategy, dynamic modelling and production optimization.

Unconventional, but not unfamiliar.

Looking at CCS or Geothermal? We have experience with this as well though many years working with Gassnova for secure injection of storage of CO2 and though Danish Geothermal Plants.


Prospect Hunting and License applications

Norwegian Continental Shelf needs new ideas based on extensive experience. The Exploration team in Moreld Ross Offshore is here to support on building regional understanding, identify and mature new prospects, write license reports and evaluate business opportunities. We have experience with all of this and can assist you and your team on all aspects.

Drill or Drop validation

A drill or drop decision can potentially have high impact for the future of your company. Let Moreld Ross Offshore review and validate the basis of your decision; i.e. inplace and resource assessments, reservoir modelling and drainage strategy, and cost and economic analysis.


Maturing CO2 storage sites

Our clients seek to lower industrial emissions whilst keeping up or increasing production. Ambitions and legally binding climate emission targets are achieved by lowering CO2-emissions. Moreld Ross Offshore has extensive experience on maturing sub-surface sites for injection and permanent storage of abated CO2.

Our engineers and sub-surface personnel have key expertise on sub-surface mapping, static and dynamic modelling (for injection and monitoring), risk and integrity assessments, pressure and fluid flow.

We work in close cooperation with our Moreld Ross Offshore colleagues on topside, well operations, network and fluid phase modelling and are eager to advice in early feasibility studies as well as towards a Final Investment Decision.

Risk assessments

Risk assessments are an integrated and executive part of our work when we describe and model a CO2 storage complex. All our work is tailored at minimizing risks.

We`ve helped clients, both on the NCS and internationally, to ensure safe storage of COsince 2010. To make sure you meet environmental and legal requirements you can also let Moreld Ross Offshore review and validate your risk assessment.”