Sunny Lady

Ross Offshore and Teige Gruppen enter into cooperation

Ross offshore has entered into an agreement with Teige Gruppen to cooperate and use the vessel Sunny Lady in the company’s future offshore activities. The agreement will initially consist of charters for the Summer of 2023, where the vessel will be used in the execution of several assignments for Ross Offshore. The parties envision a long-term cooperation.

Jarle Vespestad, Vice President Operations of Ross Offshore, states that there has been an increasing demand for the company’s Site Survey Management model: “the market balance for this segment is currently very tight and in order to increase capacity in seabed surveys, we are pleased to have entered into an agreement with the use of the multifunctional vessel Sunny Lady.”

Sunny Lady was delivered at the end of 2022 and, with its’ length of 86 meters and width of 18,9 meters, is one of Norway’s largest fishing vessels. The vessel has a very high standard and an advanced and climate friendly solution in regards to energy efficiency. The propulsion machinery is designed to utilise LNG in combination with diesel and battery, which will reduce NOx emissions in comparison to conventional solutions.

The vessel will be equipped with observation ROV and be able to perform mapping- and environmental surveys during prime season. With increased demand and limited supply, Ross Offshore expects a further tightening of the market balance. The extra capacity provided by using Sunny Lady will be an effective tool in various areas:
The 2023 season and first project start in May, and we anticipate a large demand going forward, Vespestad informed in a press release.

Sigurd Teige, CEO of Teige Gruppen, expresses great satisfaction with the cooperation agreement that is now in place: “Both through design and equipment, Sunny Lady is adapted to operate within certain offshore segments and thus have activity enabling year-round operation for the crew and shipping company. Ross Offshore is a significant and major operator in this market and we are delighted to have landed this agreement.”