Ross Eagle – A new standard for integrated survey and geotechnical management

-Ross Eagle emerges as a game-changer and a solution to the recurring bottleneck for the industry – a major lack of available special purpose vessels, states VP of Operations at Ross Offshore, Jarle Vespestad.

Increased demand for seabed mapping

The debut of Ross Eagle marks a turn of the tide, positioning Ross Offshore as a premier partner, addressing the needs for comprehensive survey management, well abandonment and decommissioning projects.

In recent years, the demand for seabed mapping services and geotechnical data collection has increased significantly. As offshore wind projects proliferate, the lack of specialized vessels is continuing to be a cause of delays and unpredictability.

“With Ross Eagle in our service-portfolio, we can deliver end-to-end solutions, from initial desktop surveys to the execution of the most complex geophysical and geotechnical offshore operations,” says Vespestad.

“The vessel elevates Ross Offshores position in the market, meeting customers with a promise of unparalleled expertise, efficiency, and predictability.”

Jarle Vespestad is VP of Operations at Ross Offshore

Tailor-made missions

Ross Eagle is equipped to offer robust technical solutions for both survey and plug and abandon operations. With a moonpool under a 100mT A-frame and two sets of winch systems, the ship is a powerhouse, well-rigged for a wide range of missions.

In partnership with Enviros and Baker Hughes, the vessel can be tailored with an array of scope-specific operational equipment. Its accommodation module with 38 beds, further allows for crew-intensive operations over extended periods.

M/V Ross Eagle – a special purpose vessel operated by Ross Offshore

From supply duties to offshore wind

Since its spring 2024 launch, Ross Eagle has been met with great interest and praise from the industry. The ship and crew have already gained valuable experience through various project types.

With a series of upcoming survey projects for Ross Offshore and prequalification for tenders for large wind power developments, it is evident that the collaboration with the owning company Eagle Offshore, has struck a chord in the market.

“It really is a testament of versatility – ready to meet the industry challenges of today and tomorrow”, finishes Vespestad.


5 Quick facts about M/V Ross Eagle
  1. Built in 2003 at Brattvaag Shipyard - originally a PSV
  2. Upgraded with special purpose designed 100mT heavy lift A-frame over central moonpool and active heave-compensated winch in 2024
  3. Owned and operated by Eagle Offshore Bømlo
  4. Environmental, geophysics survey and seabed geotechnical equipment supplied by Enviros
  5. WASP and Terminator™ - for plug and abandon operations and geotechnical coring technology supplied by Baker Hughes