Questions and answers – Consultancy

Ross Offshore has been working with consultancy services since 1997 and has approximately 130 consultants in single placements at E&P companies in Norway.

Our consultancy team is happy to answer your questions. Below you can find answers to those who are most frequently asked:

1. Which companies do you provide consultants to?

Our main clients are typically E&P companies in Norway. In addition, we see an increase in companies within the IT business on our client list.

2. What disciplines do you supply?

Our main disciplines are Drilling & Well, Subsurface, HSEQ, Marine, Logistics and our new discipline, IT.

3. How many years’ experience do consultants need to be attractive for your clients?

This varies, but our typical consultant has 10 years’ experience with a Bachelor's or Master’s degree.
Within the IT segment, graduates are also of big interest for our clients.

4. Are there other opportunities in Ross Offshore for consultants, besides being hired out to your clients?

Ross Offshore is organised in the same way as an E&P company and has several ongoing in-house projects at all our offices. These projects are mainly manned by Ross Offshore`s employees, but we also use hired personnel to cover peaks or to fill temporary specialist positions.

5. Do you offer different types of contracts for your consultants?

Our consultants have different experience, age, wishes, habits and demands and we do our best to meet their needs.

Some of our consultants have their own company and are linked to Ross Offshore with a frame agreement.
They invoice us for the work they perform and are responsible for the employment through their own company, such as their salary, holiday allowance, pension fund, insurances, invoices, tax, sick leave etc.

A large group of our consultants are employed by Ross Offshore for the duration of the assignment, we call this project employment. The project employment contract has an end date that usually corresponds with the length of the assignment.
Ross Offshore is responsible for paying salary, sick leave, holiday allowance, pension savings and insurances. In short term you are a Ross employee, but with a set end date.

6. How are the insurance schemes at Ross Offshore?

As a consultant with your own company, you can be part of our collective insurance schemes.

As a project employee, being part of our insurance scheme is part of the package.
This includes health, travel, life insurance, and retirement savings that are significantly higher than the government's mandatory pension savings.

7. Do you get any remuneration if you recommend a consultant for positions in Ross Offshore?

If someone recommend a consultant and the person starts working for us, they will receive NOK 10.000 after the consultant has been working for us for six months, and an additional NOK 10.000 after 12 months.

8. Do you offer social events for your consultants to get to know them better and to help them bond with the other consultants?

We find it important to meet up with our consultants, not only one-to-one, but also in social gatherings with other consultants.

Traditionally, we arrange a summer party and a Christmas dinner each year. It’s a great arena to meet other consultants and to broaden the network further.

The oil industry is a small community, and we see that several of our consultants already know each other, or has heard of each other.

9. Why choose Ross Offshore?

We have an honest and transparent dialogue with our consultants on rates and assignments. This allows them to always be confident that they have the right information to base their descisions on.

Our success comes from the strong commitment of our recruiters, who are open, honest and recruit with a big heart!