6. oktober 2016 Ross DK wins drilling management contract

Copenhagen (27-09-2016) - Ross DK has won a contract to provide drilling management to WarmteStad Groningen. The project is part of the development of Groningen transforming the city to accommodate district heating and adopting geothermal energy as one of the city's core sources of heating energy.

The project has started and will  stretch into 2018 with commissioning of the well system + heating grid.

WarmteStad Groningen is developing a geothermal doublet to supply the city of Groningen with district heating based on green energy. The district heating system in Groningen is being developed concurrently with the geothermal system.

The geothermal doublet will produce from a reservoir at 3400m depth, with 120o C temperature brine and at 200 m3 /h.

Lars Andersen, Ross DK A/S says "WarmteStad Groningen is making a change - going from a natural gas based heating  system to a district heating based system based on green geothermal energy as source. Together with WarmteStad  and our project partner IF Technology BV we will develop a sustainable supply of green energy for decades to come".
He continued "For a brief period we will inconvenience the Zernike community with large machinery and trucks  coming and going, however, we will do what we can to reduce local nuisances, while drilling for this green energy  source".

"The geothermal project will be developed and constructed in conjunction with the district heating grid" says Dick  Janssen, Managing director of WarmteStad Groningen. He further added "We have a clear vision for the city of  Groningen for going CO2-neutral and provide our citizens with the sustainable energy sources. As a vibrant city with  university and a large student body, we have an obligation to set a path for others to follow. We envision geothermal  energy to provide us with energy for years to come".

Paul Corzaan, project manager for Gemeente Groningen commented "We have a green vision for Groningen and we  have worked to establish a geothermal project as one of the results of this vision - shortly we'll start to see green  changes coming to Groningen".

About Ross DK
Ross DK is specialised in well management. We provide a total life-cycle service from project inception through design  and engineering to drilling and supervising wells. We provide services and solutions based on extensive experiences  with drilling operations in all corners of the planet. We provide our customers with in-depth knowledge of the process
flow, which leads to efficient execution of well projects. 

Our knowledge pertains not only to the drilling process, but also to well construction, completion, geology and  reservoir. Furthermore, we have know-how of the practical aspects of drilling including logistics, site and applications  and permitting. In short, we provide project facilitation and execution, through adaption of the project requirements
in a practical context.

About Warmtestad
WarmteStad ('HeatCity') is a joint initiative of the Water Company Groningen and Groningen municipality.  WarmteStad provides Groningen and businesses of renewable heat (in winter) and cold (in summer). The main  goal is an energy-neutral Groningen in 2035. The WarmteStad projects contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

WarmteStad Groningen: Dick Janssen | T: +31 (0)50 368 8688 | E: D.B.Janssen@rug.nl
Ross DK A/S: Lars Andersen | T: +45 38100919 | E: mail@rossoffshore.dk