New name and logo – business as usual

We are proud to announce our brand new name and logo! Ross Offshore has been part of Moreld since last year. With our new look, this will be reflected in our communications. The logo symbolizes a “flywheel” towards a sustainable future.

– Our new logo reflects cooperation in the Moreld group and our ambitions for the future. Other than that, nothing has changed; we are the same Ross Stars, working just as hard as we always do to create value for our customers, says Ross Offshore CEO, Jørgen Jørgensen.

Geir Austigard – Chief Executive Officer

Moreld – an ambitious industrial organisation

The Moreld Group consist of 16 companies organized into four divisions. Ross Offshore will be part of the division called “Energy Solutions” alongside solid companies like eDrilling, Flux and Suretank to mention a few.

The rebrand marks a significant milestone in Morelds journey of integrating the group companies more closely. – With the new brand in place, we look forward to embark on the next steps in our journey towards a more sustainable future – and to serve our customers and stakeholders in a more unified way, says Moreld CEO, Geir Austigard.

Business as usual at Ross Offshore

At Ross Offshore we have a strong business culture. We are proud of our dedicated team players, who bring so much knowledge and experience to projects spanning from oil & gas to windmills. – Our Ross Stars make us unique in our field, and we believe the reason why so many people want to work with us, Jørgensen explains. Our focus is always to bring value to our customers through our work, and we always bring smiles too. Our values Reliable – Outstanding – Safe and Social are still central in the way we work at Ross Offshore.

– We are delighted with our new logo, but want both employees and customers to know that it is also the only thing that has changed. The rest is the same, says Jørgensen.


Jørgen Jørgensen – EVP Energy Solutions

Ross Offshore CEO steps up to lead the Energy Solution division in Moreld

We are proud to announce that our CEO has been appointed Executive Vice President of Energy Solutions, which includes five other companies, in addition to Ross Offshore. – I look forward to leading this division to growth, from a financial, cultural and sustainability perspective, says Jørgensen.

He is quick to underline the fact that the five other companies in the Energy Solutions division are run by accomplished CEOs, so his role will be more on the advisory level, searching for synergies.

– My first priority is to understand the needs of the customers now and in the future, across companies. We will make sure to be the best to deliver on what the market needs, when they need it, he says enthusiastically. Jørgensen will continue as CEO of Ross Offshore in parallel with his new role as Executive Vice President of Energy Solutions at Moreld.