Meet our Ross Star, Pål!


Pål Østbø

Hired Ross Star since:

January 2022

I was born and raised in Stavanger, Norway. I have a degree in Graphic Design, many years of freelance work as well as a stint in the printing industry. Later I transitioned to IT, working as an IT technician and IT Architect for several years before taking on a manager role for a Global IT company. Now I work in Ross Offshore as a Senior Advisor on IT consultancy and digital marketing.

I’m a happy camper, always trying to stay positive and address any challenge with a smile.

1. Briefly describe a normal workday for you?

Dobbel espresso to get the day started before checking emails, following up clients and consultants. As part of the Social Media/Digital marketing group in Ross Offshore, a little tinkering in Adobe Creative Cloud is usually part of the day as well. As a former IT technician, I help around the office as well whenever necessary. Other than that, I try my best to spread some joy around the office with some bad dad jokes and a big smile.

2. What is the best thing about being a Ross Star (working in Ross)?

Great colleagues, you get appreciated and you feel an important part of the team. Being a Ross Star is also having the freedom to go about your responsibilities as you think best, encouraging ownership and initiative. Work/life balance is very much a part of the Ross life, which makes it easier when life gets in the way and you have to juggle family and work.

3. What do you like to do when you're not at work?

Play with the kids, being a nuisance to my girlfriend, hang out with friends, read books, draw illustrations and listen to music. I play the guitar and banjo whenever I get the chance. I also like to go to concerts.

4. Do you have a hidden talent?

I can do a bit of woodworking and I play multiple musical instruments.

5. What do you think will be the most important thing we do at Ross Offshore into the future?

Close cooperation with our clients and partners, adapting to changes and staying flexible in our deliveries. The oil & gas industry will still be very important in the future, but we should be open to new ventures when they arise.

6. Which of our values is your favorite, and why?

Reliable – Keeping our promises and delivering quality is an integral part of our success. We are helpful and want the best for our coworkers, consultants, and clients.