Administration support

At Ross Offshore we offer our consultants administrative assistance through Ross Total, a useful resource for advice on accounting services, insurance coverage and related matters.

Ross Total Brings Peace of Mind

Our Ross Total service helps you navigate the regulations and procedures related to working in Norway.

Ross Offshore uses Sparebank 1 Regnskapshuset GV AS to help you set up a Norwegian Company

This includes:

  • Clarifying formation documents
  • Contacting an auditor
  • Following up on the Brønnøysund Register Centre
  • Establishing daily routines

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Help to set up a Norwegian Company


Accounting services are offered via Sparebank 1 Regnskapshuset BV AS in Sandefjord at reasonable rates.

Insurance Coverage

In cooperation with an insurance broker our services include:

For Norwegian companies:

  • Insurance against third-party risk
  • Occupational injury / illness, on and offshore
  • Life insurance
  • "Loss of license" insurance
  • Travel insurance, health insurance
  • Worldwide Health Insurance

For foreign companies:

  • Insurance against third-party risk

Handling of Contracts

We can assist you with following up on contract liabilities and correspondence with a lawyer or tax consultant if necessary.