Additional geotechnical capacity

Ross Offshore, as a supplier of Survey Management services, has identified opportunities to offer our customers additional capacity. Several alternatives have been explored, and we now have a setup in place that will provide our customers with a new and flexible solution that can cover the majority of the market’s demand for geotechnical surveys.

M/V Ross Eagle is part of our vessel portfolio for this purpose. The shipowner is “Eagle Offshore” and will be responsible for the operation of the vessel. The vessel is of design UT 755L/ROV, delivered by Brattvåg in 2003. Equipped with Moonpool, A-frame, and winches with active heave compensation, this will form a robust platform for handling geotechnical sampling. Baker Hughes provides equipment for core sampling, with the capacity to take samples up to 40 meters or more. Geoprovider will assist in the projects with geotechnical expertise.

As for our Survey Management projects, participation in campaigns will be facilitated. The vessel is being prepared these days, and we look forward to the first mobilization, tentatively in March 2024.