HSSE&Q Program

The HSSE&Q Program in Ross Offshore is an Corporate program as well as HSSE&Q programs for the business units; Well Management, Resources, Subsurface and Logistics.

Ross Offshore has adopted the "zero mind set" philosophy as the main goal in the HSSE&Q management system. We aim through continual improvement to attain zero faults. The Deming circle of Planning, Doing, Checking, and Acting is fundamental to the way we think and operate.

Ross Offshore shall at all times have Zero fault as the set objective and shall be recognized for its HSSE&Q results and its first class HSSE&Q culture. Managers at all levels will communicate our Corporate Core Values, and shall through proactive and visible leadership serve as role models.
Ross Offshore shall be recognized for its strong Environmental profile.

Download HSSE&Q Program 2013-14 (PDF)